Do you feel stuck?

Are you caught in the frustration of feeling

like you’re spinning your wheels instead of moving forward?

You’re not alone.

Many people find themselves stuck

in business, sales, and life and don’t know how to

break free or gain the traction they desire.

I have great news!

Through a process of personal discovery,

you can gain the clarity needed to set your goals

for 2022 and an action plan for reaching them.

In short, it will get you unstuck and on the road.

You will feel focused instead of frustrated,

and enjoy the satisfaction of achievement.

This 6 session self-study bootcamp is a game-changer

and will prepare you to enter into 2022 with confidence and direction.

PLUS - Weekly Wednesday live Q & A Video call (until January 12).

Participants can come together to ask questions and connect.

Gath Epp Limit Hacker Mindset Coach

Are You...

  • Confident that you’re capable of more, but unsure how to make it happen?
  • Tired of your life & business running you?
  • Feel stuck & discouraged with your present results?
  • Frustrated with not knowing what to do next?

I can help you draw the most out of you, your team, and your business.

Helping You Achieve Success

Why am I so confident that I can help you get results you haven’t been able to achieve yourself?

Because I’ve lived it!

Through my own life, I’ve learned that even with the best of intentions, unless we shift our beliefs, it will be almost impossible to produce different results.

I know from experience that change has to happen in us in order for change to happen for us. Our present results are a picture of our present beliefs. When we shift those beliefs, we are able to quickly and effectively accomplish what was previously impossible. It worked for me and it will work for you.

As a business coach, I’ve helped hundreds of clients shift their beliefs to make way for the life and business they want.

Are you ready to let me show you how to go to another level of success?

How Can Coaching Help?

Coaching looks at potential, not just present performance.

Coaching draws out the potential you struggle to pull out of yourself.

Coaching shines a spotlight on beliefs that have kept you from reaching your goals and systematically helps you to move past your limits by changing your perspective.

Coaching will help you run your life & business instead of your life & business running you.

Coaching helps identify your abilities, attributes, weaknesses, and fears & will help you to communicate and work with people or your team more effectively.

The life you are experiencing is largely a picture of your mindsets, beliefs, and the decisions you make.

Most people approach achieving a higher level of success in their life is by focusing on improving or changes your circumstances or even changing your habits and routines.

Even with intense effort and determination, it is easy to remain ‘stuck’ with the results you are working so hard to change. This approach is seldom successful and even with the best intentions because the results you are living have way less to do with the circumstances and a lot more on mindset;

how you think, and how you look at your circumstances.





Who is



I learned that I don't get what I want, I get what I believe.

About Me

Garth is an engaging and energetic coach who loves people and is passionate about helping them press toward and realize their true potential. As a strategic thinker and problem solver, he believes that the most successful, fulfilled people have made learning and growth a life-long pursuit.

Garth’s passion has always been people. He has a proven track record of working with and developing people and businesses.

His diverse experience and natural abilities come together to create a platform to help you grow and reach your potential personally and in your business.

What are people saying?

“Garth helps you to bring your vision to life. I’m very grateful to have worked & continue to work during a challenging period professionally as I transition to become a Business Owner and highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to transform their career or personal life.”

Ruby Cole

“Garth has a natural connection with people and I truly enjoyed the way he challenged me to self-discovery to find success in my entrepreneurial journey.”

Luz Lupe

"He’s helped keep me focused and moving forward, toward my goals."

Stephen van Santen

Garth has been a blessing. I appreciate his practical thoughtful input. His ability to suggest new reasonable, do-able options is why I have been continually inspired to keep bringing energy to the actions for my business's success… in spite of a good many unexpected challenges with the COVID-19 disruptions this year!”

Janice Smylie

Online Coaching Resources

One on One Coaching

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The Essentials of Goal Setting

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D.I.S.C Behavioral Styles

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As an energetic and enthusiastic coach with an intuitive and systematic coaching process, I will help you to spark possibility, ignite creativity, and unleash your potential.

As a business coach, I don’t tell you what to do. I guide you through the process of identifying what beliefs are producing your present results and experiencing change within you. When that change happens, you become unstoppable.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Are you ready to move forward?

I’m ready to help you achieve the results you want.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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