Imagine a relationship with an individual in your life who is often more committed to what you want to achieve in your life than you are. The agenda is entirely focused on you and your growth and success.

Through asking explorative, open questions and listening intently I will help you tap into your potential and draw out answers and solutions rather than just give answers.

Please send me a note so we can explore together how my coaching services may assist you to move forward in your business, leadership and life success. Coaching sessions are typically but not limited to, 30-45 minute weekly sessions or 60-90 minute sessions every other week.


Mastermind Groups provide people the opportunity to experience the benefits of coaching in an environment with like minded individuals. Together, we will work through John Maxwell’s leadership and growth principles to help you move forward and grow.

Mastermind Groups consist of 6 to 8 individuals, ensuring that there is plenty of time for everyone to interact and apply the principles personally. The synergy created within the group often helps people to be more motivated and inspired in their own pursuit of growth as they see it unfold in others. Mastermind Group sessions are about 90 minutes in length and take place weekly or biweekly.


Leadership doesn’t happen by default; it happens by design. While some people are natural born leaders, more often great leaders are built through an intentional process of assessment and development.

Whether you are working with one leader or one hundred, tapping into their potential is a vital component of your success. By investing in the assessment and deliberate development of their skills, your leaders can grow whether they are just starting out or whether they are seasoned leaders. Using The Leadership Game and other tools, I can identify strengths and weaknesses and a plan to help each person go to another level.


People are one of the greatest resources we have in our businesses and organizations. Transformational shifts can result when invest in our teams by intentionally setting aside time for team members to have the opportunity to evaluate themselves as individuals and in relationship with others. Using tools such as The Leadership Game and Mastermind Groups, I can evaluate, assess and train your team.

Using the same explorative process available in one on one coaching, I can help tap into the potential of the people on your team, maximizing their success in propelling your business toward your goals. Team assessment and training can help take your team from a team to a winning team!


As owners, leaders, and managers, do you ever wonder if your customers are really getting the experience or product you think they are? Do you wonder if there are systems or processes that could make your organization more efficient? Do you know what data to look at or what it means when you do look at it? Do you wonder how to evaluate how you are doing in relationship with your goals?

Through the evaluation of processes and the tracking of the right data, I can help you to see your business as it really is and make the adjustments necessary to get the best out of your resources. Knowing the facts and that you have the right information necessary to evaluate.


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